Spring Fever!

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Sia by jayshells

One evening while enjoying drinks at Lolita Bar in NYC, my eyes flickered across several large canvases of Jason Shelowitz. “Are you thinking of buying that piece?” some random guy asked while waiting in line for the restroom. “Better, I plan on writing about him on my agency site.” and averted my eyes back to the painting. Jason’s style is carefree, bright, full of energy and life; I immediately had to know more about him.

Jason receives major accolades for his first solo show at Lolita in NYC’s Lower East Side. Two of Jason’s paintings from his “Sirens” series (currently on display at Lolita until early May) are to be included in the upcoming group show “Spring Fever” at Brooklyn’s Shangri-La Studios. The show opens May 1, 2010. Jason’s artistic style is loud, graphic and often playful. Most of his work would be classified as pop art, although when a statement needs to be made, Jason is not afraid to say it through his artwork.

Jason Shelowitz works as a freelance Graphic Designer for numerous companies in both print and web. He spent 1 year as an apprentice for the legendary Milton Glaser. While most paychecks come from his design work, he has never stopped drawing, painting and printmaking, which are his true passions. After an unfortunate encounter with NYC’s finest, Jason no longer dabbles (too much) with street art, but it’s fast and sometimes gritty aesthetic still shows up in his artwork.


In the next coming weeks, Jason is launching a public art campaign educating the public on the rules of Subway Etiquette, via a limited run of hand-pulled, 4-color screen prints that will appear in a Subway near you. Try and spot them, and by all means, take one if you see it. (Hint, they are in the style of the ubiquitous Service Advisory posters we see every day).

Save your calendar for May 1, 2010 to attend “Spring Fever” at Brooklyn’s Shangri-La Studios

Jason Shelowitz was born in Oceanside, New York in 1979. He studied fine art at Suny New Paltz then earned a Masters Degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. He has lived and worked in New York City since 2001.

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